Guang Zhou Wun Zun Plastic Co.,Ltd. website is on line!

2018/8/28 18:02:45

Guang zhou wan zun plastic Co., Ltd. website is on line, welcome to drink!

Established in 2011, Guang zhou wan zun plastic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R$D and production of acrylic plastic sheets. Main products are Extruded acrylic transparent sheet, frosted sheet, light guide plate, diffuser, mirror sheet, etc. In 2013 ,we built a new factory, we bought 2 sets of German automatic extrusion plastic sheet production lines, 2 sets highly efficient mirror coating machine and 10 sets of laser (engraving) cutting machines.

We can make 100% virgin PMMA sheet and recycled sheet, originally sized acrylic sheet and laser cutting customized sheet. Acrylic light guide panel in any size, PS light guide panel in any size, PS diffuser diffuser panel in any size. Welcome to visit our factory and seek a opportunity for cooperation. 

Our main products are optical clear extruded acrylic sheets,& PS sheets, colored acrylic&PS sheets and acrylic&PS mirror sheet.

After almost years of professional development, our company has won a good reputation in the industry. Our network covers the whole world. We provide you with the service in the most efficient way. We warmly welcome new and old customers to contact us and visit our factory to have business negotiation.