Plexiglass lens

2018/8/28 19:09:55
Thickness: 1.0 mm 1.2 mm 1.5 mm 1.8 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 3.0 mm can be made into a solid lens semi-lens paint mirror golden mirror tea.

Color mirror silver mirror

Color: transparent, yellow, red, Tan, black, pink, orange, blue and more than 20 kinds.

Features: Extrusion board, environmental protection, insulation, high transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance.

Processing technology:
Vacuum coating, stamping forming, screen printing, injection, laser, carving, sawing machine and so on.

Special Description:
There is a transparent protective film on the front of the sheet, and the protective film should be removed when used. A single sided mirror has a protective film on one side, and a double-sided Kraft protective film on the color mirror. Texture of material

PC, PET, PMMA, PS are all environmentally friendly materials, other materials are not environmentally friendly; they are mainly different from the two aspects of use and cutting, as well as the quality side.

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