acrylic resin

2018/8/28 19:55:45

Acrylic resin is the general name of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid or its derivatives such as esters, nitriles, amides by polymerization, is a colorless transparent resin with a specific gravity of 1.17-1.20. It has a high transparency, light transmittance of 92%-98%, refractive index of 1.48-1.50. Its excellent optical properties can be used with optical glasses. Glass is comparable to, can penetrate ultraviolet rays, so it is commonly known as plexiglass, and has light resistance, aging resistance, easy coloring characteristics, can be colored into a variety of bright tones. Even if the temperature is heated at 95 to 110 degrees, there will be no whitening and cracking. Light quality is not easy to break, it can be used as a substitute for glass. The processing performance is good, and the forming products can be processed two times, such as bending, bonding and machining. Because of its good properties, the resin is often used in optical lenses, lenses and so on, such as television Schmidt lens and Fresnel lens, windshield, art supplies and furniture.

Acrylic resin has solid, solution and dispersion. Widely used as lighting materials, decorations, advertising nameplates, paints and so on.  Because of its high cost, it limits its wider application. If cyanogen substitution methyl is used for polymerization, it can be used as instantaneous adhesive, which is often used for bonding glass, metal, plastic, rubber, etc.