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Are acrylic mirrors distorted?

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Acrylic mirror image will be deformed. 

Although acrylic is called plexiglass, it is actually a type of plastic. It has good ductility, but does not have the hardness of glass. Improper use and operation, environmental factors, etc. will cause deformation of acrylic mirrors, mainly for the following reasons.

1、The reason for the size. The thinner the acrylic mirror and the larger the size of the mirror surface, the easier it is to deform. The thinnest 0.8mm acrylic sheet can even be rolled up. This is the characteristic of acrylic material, not a defect of the product, so when designing the product, the thickness and size can be appropriately increased. For example, when using a large-area acrylic mirror (such as 1220*2440mm), a thickness of about 5mm can be used, which can effectively avoid deformation.

2、The reason for installation. When installing, make sure that the back wall is flat, and any problems such as inclination and protrusion will be magnified on the acrylic mirror, and the thinner and larger the mirror, the more obvious the disguised effect. Therefore, before installing a thin-sized acrylic mirror, be sure to ensure the flatness of the wall, and the adhesive needs to be closely attached to the wall, which can effectively avoid the deformation of the mirror.

3. Environmental reasons. Acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic. Using it for a long time in a high temperature environment will cause serious deformation of the mirror surface. The deformation temperature of acrylic is 100 °C, and the continuous use temperature cannot be higher than 90 °C. 

The acrylic material itself contains polar side methyl groups and has obvious hygroscopicity, with a moisture absorption rate of 0.3%-0.4%. Acrylic will expand when it absorbs moisture, causing the mirror surface to deform. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the environment where the acrylic mirror is used dry, and it must not be used in the environment with heavy humidity such as toilets and outdoors. 

The above three points are the main reasons for acrylic mirrors. You need to pay more attention during use, and generally there will be no deformation.

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