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How acrylic sheets are cut?

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We can use a chainsaw or laser cutting machine and other equipment to cut the acrylic sheet. After cutting it, it should be polished. A simple polish is to sand it by hand, to make the surface smooth and flat. Then use a flame to burn it off, and then use a hook knife to scratch it. Then gradually increase the strength, at this time can not use the electric drill, if its material is relatively brittle, and its drill bit is relatively hot, it will melt the acrylic plate, so that can not continue to operate.

If is often wide acrylic board, to take the hook knife into or stainless steel saw knife for cutting, then to open the machine, the speed of its low speed to cut. Move the area to be cut towards the machine. When cutting, keep the cut in a line, so that it can be cut into a neat square.

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