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How clean acrylic sheet?

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1.Daily cleaning.

When cleaning the acrylic sheet, you only need to use 1% soapy water. Use a soft cotton cloth to soak in the soapy water. Do not use steel balls or scouring pads and other hard materials to wipe, otherwise it will cause scratches on the surface of the bathtub. You can choose to use some soft sponges and cloths for cleaning. In addition, reduce the use of some cleaning products with higher alkalinity.

2. Ink stains. 

It can be mixed with rice grains and detergent, and then rinsed with clean water; it can also be repeatedly rubbed with a solution made of one part alcohol and two parts soap, which also has good results.

3. Mildew spot. 

Wipe with 2% soap alcohol solution, then wipe with bleach 3%-5% sodium hypochlorite or with hydrogen peroxide, and finally wash.

4. Ballpoint pen oil stains. 

The general practice is to put a towel under the stain, soak it in cold water, apply soap and brush gently, and repeat this two or three times to basically remove the ballpoint pen oil. If there is still a small amount of residue after washing, it can be removed by soaking in hot soapy water or boiling.

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