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How to cut acrylic mirror sheet?

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1. Laser cutting: Lasers can be used to cut acrylic mirrors in any shape while minimizing material waste. Laser cutters work by focusing a large amount of energy on a small, confined area, which then melts and vaporizes the material. It should be noted that the cutting speed and light intensity must be well matched, which will affect whether the sheet has a clean, polished edge after cutting, without any flaws. Laser cutting will be slower when cutting thicker acrylic mirrors.

2. Linear cutting with circular saw machine: generally used to achieve precise linear cutting of one or more acrylic mirror panels. When cutting the material with the mirror side down, a protective film should be maintained between each sheet to protect the paint back coating during the cutting process. Straight cut, this method cuts the fastest.

3. CNC engraving and cutting: Similar to laser cutting, it can be cut according to the input graphics, but the cutting accuracy and effect are not as good as those of laser cutting, and there are more acrylic chips during cutting, which wastes more material than other cutting methods.

4. Manual scribing and cutting: In the absence of equipment, manual scribing can be used for simple straight line cutting of single-piece acrylic mirrors with a thickness of less than 3mm. Use a hook knife to mark the line to be cut on the acrylic lens, swipe back and forth a few times, and then place one end on the desktop and one end in the air, and break the acrylic lens by hand along the scratch. If you want a neat edge, you can use sandpaper Sand the edges.

The above are the four commonly used cutting methods for acrylic mirrors. CNC usually focuses on engraving, such as text or patterns, and usually produces products that are not carved through. The laser cutting machine must be mainly cutting. The meaning of cutting off is definitely for the purpose of cutting through, so it depends on the requirements of the acrylic product you are processing to determine the cutting method.

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