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How to paste acrylic sheet?

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1. Docking: Place the two plexiglass sheets to be butted on the operating platform horizontally, close them, and stick a tape on the bottom, leaving a gap no larger than 0.3mm wide for the application of adhesive. Use a syringe to inject the adhesive evenly and slowly from one side into the gap until it is fully filled, and remove the tape after it is completely cured.

2. Facade bonding: Facade bonding is the most widely used bonding technology, which is widely used in the production of various plexiglass IT electronic digital display products. The surface to be bonded should be wiped clean first. It is best to use a master mold to achieve bonding, so that the bonded object does not shake, which is conducive to improving the quality of bonding.
The plexiglass sheet with a thickness of 3mm can be bonded, and a thin metal wire can be placed in it, and the bonding is completed by capillary action.

3. Bevel bonding: The bevel must be bonded with a 90-degree angle to prevent the displacement of the bonded surface. The adhesive should be applied evenly and slowly. The master form can only be removed after it is completely cured. 

4. Surface bonding: Flat bonding is a relatively special bonding method. First, wipe the surface to be adhered clean, place it horizontally, and pour an appropriate amount of adhesive on it. Place one side of the other plexiglass sheet diagonally in contact with the plexiglass plate coated with the adhesive, and then put it down evenly and slowly to drive out the air bubbles from one side to complete the bonding.

The plexiglass adhesive can erode the surface of the plexiglass sheet and leave traces that are difficult to remove, so you can use self-adhesive tape to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded. Grease, dust or pores can prevent the adhesive from spreading evenly and leave air bubbles. The use of adhesives in excessively small amounts can cause air to be entrapped when the bond shrinks. Direct air blowing will cause the edge of the bonding surface to turn white due to the volatilization of the adhesive. Indoor humidity, temperature, etc. have a direct impact on the bonding of plexiglass sheets.

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