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How to store the acrylic mirror sheet?

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一. Storage precautions for acrylic mirror sheet. All acrylic mirror panels are covered with a protective film. Secure the acrylic sheet during transportation. During storage and processing, do not remove the protective film to prevent damage. Keep away from heat and humidity. The materials should be stored in a clean, dry, ventilated place with suitable temperature, and the original packaging is intact. Customer use should follow the following guidelines:

(1) The original packaging must be kept intact, and the protective film must not be torn off before use, because the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of the sheet due to static electricity, and the protective film can also protect the acrylic mirror sheet from moving during the moving process. for wear and scratches. 

(2) Store the sheet at room temperature and in a ventilated environment. Do not store the acrylic mirror sheet in a place with high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. 

(3) Vertical storage: If the sheets are stacked and stored, care must be taken to prevent warping. When the plate is placed vertically, the angle of inclination shall not exceed 10 degrees. A frame made of plywood can be used as a support. 

(4) Horizontal storage: When laying the acrylic mirror flat, care must be taken to avoid warping, slipping and scratching of the sheet. If you want to store sheets of the same size together, place the largest sheet at the bottom and the smallest at the top. This prevents the sheets from slipping during shipping and when the packaging is damaged, debris or dirt can be deposited between the sheets, reducing the risk of scratching. Stretch film in pallet packaging that protects the sheet from dust and moisture and remains intact during storage.

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