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How to choose good quality acrylic sheet?

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1. Light transmittance identification. 

After a good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light it reveals is very pure, without yellowing or blue, and the better the sheet, the greater the light transmittance. The surface color of the acrylic sheet is very pure, while the surface of the recycled board is yellowed. 

2. Thickness identification. 

The quality of acrylic sheets can also be measured by thickness. Generally speaking, how thick is enough thickness. When purchasing, you must ask clearly, this is more critical. The hardness and scratch resistance of the surface of the acrylic sheet are very good. There is no irritating odor when cutting. The surface of the recycled board is easily scratched, and it will produce irritating odor when cutting.

3. Fire identification. 

Good acrylic is not suitable for burning, and will not produce unpleasant odors during processing. When you buy, you can use their scraps to test. When the acrylic sheet is thermoformed and heated, it is not easy to generate air bubbles and deformation. When the recycled sheet is thermoformed and heated, it is easy to have air bubbles and deformation. 

4. Identification of soft rubber edge. 

New acrylic sheets and good materials are packaged with a soft edge when they leave the factory, which is to prevent rubbing. So it can be used as a difference between recycled material and new board. 

5. Quality identification. 

Good acrylic sheet manufacturers generally provide samples and actual products. You can compare them with some parameters according to the color and luster, which is also relatively easy to identify.

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