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What is acrylic sheet?

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Acrylic sheet is a chemical material and a kind of plexiglass that has undergone special treatment. Acrylic raw materials are generally in the form of particles, plates, pipes, etc., with pure and rich colors. It is the most widely used in light boxes.

"Acrylic" is a transliterated word, English is ACRYLIC. It is a chemical material. The chemical name is "PMMA", which belongs to propylene alcohol, commonly known as "specially treated plexiglass". In the application industry, the raw materials of acrylic generally appear in the form of particles, sheets, pipes, etc. Acrylic, also known as plexiglass with special treatment, is a replacement product of plexiglass. The light box made of acrylic has good light transmission performance, pure color, rich color, beautiful and smooth, taking into account both effects of day and night, long service life, and does not affect the use, etc. In addition, acrylic sheets can be perfectly combined with aluminum-plastic sheet profiles, advanced screen printing, etc. to meet the needs of businesses. Acrylic blister is the best form of outdoor advertising to improve the level of business stores and unify corporate image.

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